Dante has the look of that old-country, quintessential Italian deli that you’d see in The Bronx’s Little Italy. It’s jammed packed with salamis and soppressata. Large Cheese selection- always rock my socks.

Dante is located in White Plains’ Central Avenue. It has everything you’d expect in a great Italian deli. Stocked with ceramic serving platters, fresh or dry pastas and other Italian goods. From my angle, everything, looked amazing. Well… let me put it to you this way… If you’re in the mood for cooking up an Italian meal, Dante will hook you up.

Service is incredibly friendly and Anthony, helped me select a few pieces of Taleggio and a Roule with Cranberries.

No ifs and or buts about it, Dante’s prices are steep and foods are the freshest as they get; but trust, Italian items are far better here, than buying at Whole Foods. Don’t get me wrong, WF is good for certain things, just not for authentic, Italian fare.

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