Sometimes, you can fall in love with just a smell. This happens to us every time we walk into Dante’s, an authentic, old-school Italian market that also serves top-quality imports. Looking for Puglian burrata? Or fragrant San Daniele prosciutto? You’ll find it here, along with excellent Italian breads, fresh sausages and meats, canned goods, Italian sandwiches, and antipasti. Delizioso.

Best of Westchester Editors’ Picks

Best Fresh Pasta 2009

What’s the secret of that pillowy ravioli? Partly, it’s the half-century-old Lombi pasta machine in the back. But it’s also the hands-on approach. “Depending on the humidity in the air,” says owner Anthony Perrotta, “the amount of water and eggs that go into the dough changes. You know it’s right by the feel with the hand.” And finally, it’s Perrotta’s commitment to his craft.

Best Italian Deli (2012)

Italy by way of White Plains: Dante’s Gourmet Deli brings old-world tastes

Aug. 6, 2012

Oh I’m so glad I don’t have to cook now,” a woman said last week at the cash register at Dante’s Gourmet Deli, the gem of an Italian gourmet market on Central Avenue in White Plains. She just as easily could have said, “I’m so excited to cook right now!”

You will be well fed either way from Dante’s, which offers the best of prepared foods — from antipasti and salads to cured meats and cheeses to pastas and entrees — and the best of ingredients to inspire your own creativity. You can’t turn around without bumping into something with an Italian label.

Zagat rated 



Shipped directly from the motherland”, the “bountiful” array of “excellent” pastas, “fresh” cheeses and “unique” sundries at this White Plains Italian market has visitors saying “holy cannoli”, while “excellent” catering and “out-of-this-world” sandwiches also earn fans; with “moderate” prices, attractive displays and staffers who “put their heart into what they do”, it’s a “rare” breed.