Assorted Cheese Plater – $100

Up to 10 people. Add $8 for each additional person

Italian Antipasto – $150

Serves 12/15 people. Add $10 for each additional person. Imported cheeses, dry sausage (hot/sweet), dry soppressata (hot/sweet), olives, artichokes, roasted peppers, mushrooms & stuffed peppers (subject to change)

Stuffed Baby Multicolor Pepper – $3

Stuffed dry sausage, 4 cheeses & bread stuffing

Stuffed Portobello – Each $4.50

With rice or bread stuffing, sausage & peas

Rice Balls – Each $4.50

Baby Rice Balls – Each $3.00

Potato Croquettes – Each $4

Stuffed Baby Mushrooms – Each $2.50

Stuffed with risotto & vegetables

Broccoli Rabe – Market Price

Breaded Cauliflower -$60 ….. $75

String Beans Medley -$45 ….. $75

Steamed string beans, carrot sticks & wax beans sauteed with garlic & oil





Homemade Potato -$5.99 Lb

Homemade Macaroni -$5.99 Lb

Fruit Platter – Market Price

Baby Greens – $50(Half) ………. $70(Full)

With fennel, walnuts, tomatoes, roasted peppers & olives

Baby Arugula Salad – $50(Half) ………. $70(Full)

Arugula topped with pears or figs, walnuts, fennel, roasted peppers & olives

Romaine Lettuce – $50(Half) ………. $70(Full)

Mango, strawberries, blue cheese & avocado with citrus dressing





Lasagna Bolognese – $60(Half) ………. $90(Full)

ziti al Forno – $50(Half) ………. $75(Full)

Stuffed Shells – $2.50 Each with sauce

Penne alla Vodka – $60(Half) ………. $85(Full)

Manicotti – $3.50 Each with sauce

Cavatelli Caponato – $60(Half) ………. $85(Full)

Sauteed eggplant with olives, capers & fresh cherry tomatoes

Pasta Primavera – $60(Half) ………. $85(Full)

Sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, ricotta & fresh sauteed tomatoes

Rigatoni Napolitano – $60(Half) ………. $85(Full)

Fricasseed chicken & mushrooms in Marsala wine

Eggplant Parmigiana – $60(Half) ………. $90(Full)

Orecchiette Barasi – $60(Half) ………. $85(Full)

Orecchiette pasta, crumbled sausage, broccoli rabe, garlic & olive oil

Eggplant Rollantini– $5.00 Each





Meatballs – $60(Half) ………. $90(Full)

choose broccoli rabe, sausage, meatballs, regular or chicken

Steak Peppers – $60(Half) ………. $90(Full)





Sausage & Peppers – $60(Half) ………. $80(Full)

Sausage with Broccoli Rabe – $60(Half) ………. $90(Full)

Pork Piccata – $60(Half) ………. $90(Full)

Pork medallions in a lemon sauce with capers, olives, vinegar peppers





*Half try includes 10 Cutlets/ Full try includes 20 cutlets

*Veal Parmigiana – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)

*Veal Marsala – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)

*Veal Sorrentino – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)

sauteed veal medallions in a light wine sauce, topped with eggplant, mozzarella, & proscuito

*Veal Francese – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)

with spinach and mozzarella

Veal Scallopini w/ Peppers & Mushrooms – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)





Chicken Parmigiana – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Half try includes 10 Cutlets/ Full try includes 20 cutlets

Chicken Cacciatore – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Chicken Marsala – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Chicken Francese – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Half try includes 10 Cutlets/ Full try includes 20 cutlets

Chicken Sorrentino – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Chicken filet topped with eggplant, prosciutto & mozzarella

Half try includes 10 Cutlets/ Full try includes 20 cutlets

Chicken Caponata – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Chicken breast sauteed with eggplant in a light wine sauce

Chicken “al lemon” – $65(Half) ………. $95(Full)

Chicken breast topped with prosciutto & mozzarella




Stuffed Fillet of Sole – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)

with spinach & Fontina in lemon sauce

Baked Clams Oreganata – Each $2.75

Shrimp & Chicken -$90(Half) ………. $140(Full)

with potatoes and vinegar peppers

Shrimp Marinara – $80(Half) ………. $90(Full)

Calamari Marinara – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)

Shrimp & Broccoli over Rice – $80(Half) ………. $120(Full)





Italian – $21 per foot

American – $18 per foot

Chicken with Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Peppers & Basil -$21 per foot

Eggplant with Mozzarella, Tomatoes & Peppers  – $21 per foot


WRAPS $9.50



1.Chicken Cutlet

with broccoli rabe, mozzarella, roasted sweet peppers & balsamic dressing

2.Grilled Chicken

With pepper jack cheese, fresh spinach, avocado & red onions topped with ranch cheddar dressing

3.Mozzarella & Asiago Cheese

With asparagus, sauteed spinach & roasted peppers topped with pesto & balsamic dressing

4.Chicken Cutlets 

with mozzarella, prosciutto, roasted peppers, arugula & pesto balsamic dressing


with shaved parmigiana, grilled steamed artichokes, pesto, arugula & sun-dried peppers

6.Brocolli Rabe, Roasted Sweet Pepper & Proscuitto 

with Italian Brie & pesto

7.Roasted Turkey

With avocado, sauteed spinach, Pepper jack cheese, smoked bacon & citrus balsamic dressing

8.BBQ Grilled chicken

With avocado pesto, fresh spinach, sharp cheddar, red onions & beefsteak

9.Italian Tuna

Roasted peppers, sun-dried peppers & arugula, drizzled with aged balsamic

10.Roast Beef & Turkey

Sliced pickle pepper jack cheese red onions and Russian dressing


PANIINS $11.50



A.Bread Eggplant 

Proscuitto, mozzarella, roasted peppers, balsamic dressing & pesto

B.Chicken Cutlets

Proscuitto, mozzarella, pesto & sweet peppers

C.Long Stem Artichoke

Mozzarella, arugula, tomatoes, roasted sweet peppers & balsamic dressing

D.Roasted Pork Loin

Brocolli Rabe, sun-dried tomatoes, provolone cheese & balsamic dressing

E.Fried Eggplant

Brocolli Rabe, asiago cheese, roasted peppers & balsamic dressing

F.Grilled Chicken

With arugula, avocado, citrus dressing, Asiago cheese & roasted sweet peppers

G.Turkey (Store Cooked)

With avocado, cheddar chipotle cheese, sauteed spinach, sun-dried peppers & balsamic dressing

H.Grilled Chipotle Chicken

With avocado, chipotle cranberry cheddar, balsamic citrus vinaigrette, fresh spinach, hot pepper spread & aged balsamic

I.Prosciutto Cotto

With hot soppressata, marinated mushrooms, sun-dried peppers, shaved parmigiana cheese, arugula & aged balsamic

J.Italian Rosemary Ham

with fresh frigs arugula, sun-dried peppers & truffle Pecorino cheese

K.Italian Combo(Special)

with fried eggplant, roasted peppers & Italian dressing

L.Roasted Eggplant Panini

Roasted eggplant with Italian hot & sweet salami, marinated sun-dried peppers, Brie & arugula topped with Dante’s pesto sauce on focaccia bread

M.Spicy sweet chicken mango Panini

Chicken cutlets topped with mango salsa, chipotle cranberry cheddar, caramelized red onions, spinach, and lemon-lime cilantro pesto

N.Summer Roasted Pork Panini

Pork loin thinly sliced on a ciabatta roll with roasted beets, fresh spinach, diced apples, provolone cheese, cherry peppers, aged balsamic & caramelized red onions

O.Chicken & Fig Panini

Chicken cutlets, fresh figs, goat cheese, arugula, balsamic dressing & sun-dried peppers

P.Roast Beef Splash

Fresh home cooked roast beef coconut gouda, avocado, chipotle mayo, caramelized onions, sweet pepper tapenade & shredded Romaine lettuce on flatbread

Q.El Fabuloso

Italian ham on ciabatta with Pecorino spread, spinach, hot peppers spread, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, vinegar peppers & arugula

R.Italian Style Steak “Rib Eye” Panini

Prime rib eye steak on a ciabatta bread I with melted imported cheddar, caramelized onions, fried peppers, roasted red pepper & chili pesto

S.Turkey & Chili with Cranberry Cheddar

On a ciabatta bread, fresh home cooked turkey breast with homemade chili, avocado, cranberry chipotle cheddar & fresh spinach topped with a sweet & chili pesto

T.The Masters

Maple glazed chicken cutlets on ciabatta with sharp Cajun cheddar, crispy minded zampino & caramelized onions topped with sun-dried peppers

U.Italian Meatballs

Italian meatballs, soppressata, Spinach  & Asiago

V.Il Piccolo Fabuloso

Italian salami with vinegar peppers, Pecorino spread, arugula & fried eggplant topped with balsamic dressing & muffuletta